Friday, February 11, 2011

Indon Teacher in Cairo loses her job

An Indon working as a private English tutor in Cairo, Egypt, lost her job after demonstrators in Jakarta were broadcast stomping the picture of President Hosni Mubarak.

"I was fired and told to go home by my employers because the pictures of President Mubarak was stomped on by protesters in Indonesia." Tri Mulyati, a native from Lampung, Sumatra.

She taught English for the twin children of a wealthy family in Cairo. The father whois a businessman is also a former governor of an Egyptian province.

She said her employer called her and asked her to watch the television footage of the anti-Mubarak rally. The rally took place at the Hotel Indonesia traffic circle in Jakarta on Sunday. The same day the Indonesian's slaughtered Ahmadi's.

"He said, look, Tri, Indon people stomped on our president. How could they do that? I hate to see Indon people." Tri said. "My employers highly respect President Mubarak.

Who do this Indon people in Jakarta think they are? The revolution in Egypt, is for the people of Egypt.

Indon has never had any respect what so ever towards international community.

They have always acted as though they are always right. But the reality that we have seen. They are nothing short of a barbarian.

Demonstration like part of Indon culture.