Sunday, February 6, 2011

Indon Students Questioned in Cairo

About 50 Indonesian students studying in Egypt were searched and investigated by Egyptian military personnel on Saturday evening.

Faisal Amri, an Indon studying at the Al Azhar University said he and his friends were examined by Egypt military officers who suspected their involvement in the demonstration.

Demonstration is part of Indonesian culture.

Faisal said that some of the Indon students came from Central Java, Sumatra and other regions in Indonesia.

Faisal added, of the total number of students studying in Egypt, only one percent have been evacuated. There were at least 3,200 Indon students in Egypt who had not yet been evacuated.

Another student, Fitra Matopan called on the Indon government to immediately evacuate Indon citizens.

"The government should have followed the step of neighboring Malaysia which had evacuated 11,000 of its citizens from Egypt." he added.

He said the Indonesian government was too slow in evacuating its citizens where so far it had only returned about 800 of 6,000 Indon citizens staying in Egypt.

On Saturday afternoon in Cairo, the number of Indon citizen who registered for evacuation reached 781.